Saturday, October 13, 2012

Summer Scenes on The Farm

It was really hot out here this summer, for far too long. I'd expected a couple of weeks of extreme heat - temperatures over 100 - but it went on for weeks on end. I hate heat, but there were countless redeeming factors. Let me share just a few.

While Mr. B was away at a training, I cashed one of my freelance checks for this wood. Turns out while wood is super expensive, prefab sheds or related kits of any sort are even MORE expensive. So the girls and I installed cedar board panels on the windward side of the existing run-in. I helped them level the first, then we were off and running, the girls working together to bring and line up the wood while I drove the screws. What a team! It only took us about half an hour, at most, to get it done. And, wow, what a difference.

I'm sure the horses will appreciate it, too, once bitter winter winds set in.

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