Friday, October 12, 2012


It's that time of year again! Apple gleaning season which means applesauce galore here.

This year, the girls and I headed to one of our favorite apple spots. For canning and freezing apples, we really don't need the pretty ones (or the prices attached) so we head out to a Central Coast orchard that offers greatly reduced prices on their windfalls. At $9 per 20 pound bag, it's better than we've been able to find anywhere else around here, but still more pricey than last year ($7 per bag of any size) and the year before that ($7 for as much as you could carry). They're catching on, darn it!

It took us less than an hour to pick up 28 pounds of perfectly good applesauce apples, and twice that long to peel them all, even with the counter-top apple-peeler Grandma Kathy got for each of us kids several years ago. The girls were a great help as we prepped the apples for "sauce today, pie tomorrow."

One giant pot of apples yielded five quarts of the "best applesauce you've ever made, Mom." I need no higher praise than that.

But it's been two weeks, and we're already out of sauce. I guess we'll be needing a LOT more apples.

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