Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Day of School Traditions

You may have gathered by now that I'm a lagging on my posts. After all, it's pretty darn close to a certain girl's birthday and you haven't seen a post about THAT! I apologize. I've been focusing on a few other things lately, and my computer time has been limited to paying gigs - as many as I can get! Let's catch up.

Still, we can't let the year go on without sharing our First Day of School pictures. Yep. We take 'em. Always have. And we continue our First Day of School tradition - after breakfast, backpack loading and photos (this year with a furry addition), the girls walk to school. This year, they walked to the bus stop, since we're out in the sticks, and the mysterious school bus showed up to give them a lift. Funny, the bus driver looks exactly like their teacher who also doubles as the cafeteria lady and, oh yeah, their mother.

Sure, it's silly. But it's fun. It brings us all some grins and giggles and adds to the creativity of our day.

What's YOUR first-day-of-school tradition?

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