Monday, October 15, 2012

Doily Storm

I think I noted in an earlier post that E picked up crochet earlier this year. Well, she's taken off. She used to enjoy knitting, but she's LOVING crochet. She made dozens of hats for members of the cast and crew of "Anne of Avonlea" this summer, has expanded her repertoire to include headbands, flowers, bags and scarves. And now these: doilies.

She started with patterns for these creations, but now she's making up the doilies as she goes along. She's discovered bamboo thread which provides for nice, sharp lines and great color. It's fine work, takes loads of time, but she kicks on the music or an audio book and she's off and running.

I really do hate to see any of these creations go, but as her sister pointed out, she could probably make some money with them. She's experimenting with outlets. The Creston Country Store graciously allowed her to place them there, but they didn't sell. Maybe her prices are too high, or maybe it just wasn't the right time and place. She's going to try again at the Friends of Santa Margarita Library Craft Sale on Nov. 17 at the Community Center, Santa Margarita. Please stop in if you'd like to check them out and support our yarn kid.

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  1. You could try framing them to see if they sell. Not too many people use doilies any more, but as a piece of art, they are very pretty!


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