Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hitting the Trail, Horsey Style

We spent the winter and spring getting to know Maddie. In June, we packed our camping gear, packing gear and horse into the trailer and headed to Santa Margarita Lake for our backcountry test run. I'd ridden the route with her a week earlier, and the weather and scenery were wonderful, particularly for so late in the season. The wildflowers were still popping, and it was almost June.

There's a reason the wildflowers stuck around so long this year, and we had the opportunity to enjoy it in full during our maiden packing voyage. A record June rainfall ensured full training for all on this trip which was, otherwise, a complete success. Mattie is trail ready, even with those neon-orange, noisy nylon packs fully loaded. We await a crupper and chest strap which we hope will arrive before we hit the trail again in August - for the Sierra!

La Purisima Mission, Lompoc
We've also been enjoying more family hikes out, alternating riding and hiking. La Purisima Mission State Park is becoming a local favorite - lots of trails to ride, picnic spots, wildflowers, shade trees and wild animals to enjoy.

And as if riding the trails, riding the arena and packing weren't enough, the girls and I also tried our hands at vaulting recently. I've picked up my freelance writing efforts this year to
cover the cost of Maddie's maintenance, and the local paper was interested in this feature.

As usual, the girls joined me for the interview. When we'd wrapped up the work, the girls and I were all invited to give it a shot. V's hooked.

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  1. fun pics! I love watching your family adventures.


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