Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eine Kleine Catchup Musik

OK, so there's no music, nor is there any of the red tomato substance, but there IS a little bit of catchup coming your way. The title merely tells you how punchy I am as I type this at the ripe old hour of 9:30 p.m. That's right, it's early by many people's standards, and very early by my typical schedule, but with "Best Family Adventures: San Luis Obispo County - SECOND EDITION," (WOO HOO!) still hangin' out on the printing press, my nights have suddenly involved (GASP!) sleep! That means less time online.

Add to that the state of my desktop computer. It has built two books and countless newspaper articles, plus more words than I care to count in this blogging effort. For years, it worked just fine with the camera and external drive, but sometime last year it decided the external drive was something it would rather scramble that use cooperatively. I hate to think how many photos were lost before I figured out the two really weren't ever going to get along again. But now I depend upon Mr. B's computer (the newfangled one that Microsoft made obsolete within a month of its purchase - thanks for the heads up, Mr. Gates) to download the camera and upload to the Internet. While I know more than a few of you believe I'm pretty bossy, but if you think I'm going to kick a working man off HIS computer during HIS playtime, then I really need to work on my public image.

Let's get this update show on the road.

I'm backtracking to E's birthday because I'm amazed that she's already into the double digits, and I know some of the family would be interested in seeing photos from her day. I know, they're a little behind. I blame technology. Of course, I can't blame technology for forgetting to give her the wrapped gift we'd had in the garage for months. Her birthday morning, she opened a gift from her Aunt Karen (a journal with a voice-activated lock), a couple of cards, and an envelope from us with a certificate announcing her registration for dance camp later this summer. It was an alright start to the day, but I could see she was a little disappointed with basically one immediately usable gift. But she bucked up just fine.

A week later, I remembered the surprise gift that still awaited, wrapped, in the garage.

Better late than never?

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