Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book Review by E: "The Night Fairy" (Laura Amy Schlitz)

"The Night Fairy" was a very good book, especially for young girls. It's a quick read about a fairy who is born an hour before midnight, but she loses her wings and has to survive in the garden of a human. She is used to being out at nigh,t but she has to become a daytime fairy to survive the nighttime creatures.

I would say the book is appropriate for ages 6 to 12. There aren't any really big words, but it's not a super-low reading level either.

There's not really anything scary or rude about this book. There's a spider who threatens to eat the hummingbird, and a squirrel who could use some manners, but other than that, it's pretty tame.

There may be some boys who would be interested in this book, but since it's about fairies, and more specifically a girl fairy, girls may be more attracted to the story.

I would recommend this book to young readers who are interested in fairies that aren't particularly glittery.

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