Saturday, August 21, 2010

Washington State International Kite Festival - Cellular Kite Day

Today we returned to the WKIKF with the addition of two more California family members for the mass ascension of the cellular kites. These are very unique creations all of which are "three-dimensional structures with the wind flowing through channels formed by the sail surfaces which are also lifting surfaces." Still photos really don't do them justice. The beauty of kites, I discovered today, is that they're not static toys, but are affected constantly by the wind. For kite makers who take this into consideration, the end result can be both entertaining and beautiful.

One of V's favorites was, of course, the enormous black-and-white kitten. As the wind flowed through the cells, it caused the kitten to leap and gambol just above the sand. On one of my favorites, the lobster, the wind-shake on the kite caused the legs to wiggle as if the giant orange crustacean were skittering toward his next meal. And follow your gaze up the string of fish to find the SCUBA diver. The dude was a fantastic creation largely for the forethought that went into him - the wind caused him to dip and semi-roll while his legs kicked with their long black flippers.

We returned to the house to help wrap up the finishing touches on my favorite meal - Thanksgiving dinner with the fixin's. Thanks, Mom, for thinking of it and seeing it through. It was a wonderful meal, and the leftovers are going to be fantastic!

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