Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ferocious Gang Attack Foils Our Plans

Yes. We're Ok. But I'm typing on a borrowed computer after a ferocious gang attack which left me without a laptop computer and thereby no way to share with you photos of our trip (for now).

So, here's how it went down.

V and I were at the dining room table in peaceful Seaview, Washington where my mom and stepdad typically foster kitties from the local shelter. They take the cats and kittens which need socialization, medication, extra rest or other special attention. This week is no different. They are hosting two cute orange kittens - Splash, completely skittish; and Stubby, super cute and playful.

While V was eating her breakfast, I turned on the laptop to check e-mail and cast my votes. A short mug of mocha sat on the table cloth at the next place setting. Splash decided he'd play with the power chord. It was the closest he'd played to a person, so I looked down to wiggle the Velcro on the chord and encourage him. I didn't suspect his more sinister plan.

While I thought he was warming up to people, he was actually just plotting against me, and he had a gangster buddy in on it. Splash wasn't playing with me. He was diverting my attention, you see, while Stubby was sneaking up behind me. Stubby leaped stealthily onto the table behind me, crept up to the mocha mug and stuck his face in whereupon V exclaimed. I turned to the focus of her attention to find Stubby getting a caffeine fix. When I tried to pull his face out of the mug, he dug his claws into the place mat which then tipped the mug over and thereby splashed mocha into the laptop keyboard.

The gang skittered off to their dark hiding spots while I tried to turn off the computer and clean up the mess. I was fast enough to keep the mess off the carpet, but the computer screen went black and the lights haywire. We think the laptop has been fried irreparably, but won't know for a couple of days. (It takes things longer to dry here on the Washington coast.)

Darn Cute Kitten Gangsters! They think just because they're cute and young they can get away with anything! I suppose there are many lessons here. Mr. B would say the key lesson was not to have liquid anywhere near the computer, but I say that's unrealistic. So let's go with some other morals:
Never use place mats.
Never trust a foster kitty.
When a wild kitty wants attention, watch your back.

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  2. I'm glad you're okay. My guess is they were after your mouse.

  3. Oh, Nate! Your students must love your humor. You crack us up!


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