Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Following their interests - dance, camping, beaches and more

It's been an exciting month. I'm not sure who was more excited, however. E spent two weeks dancing her days away at ballet camp in Santa Barbara. She really loved it and got a taste of character dancing and Jazz dance as well. In two weeks, she learned three dances plus a demo, all of which were used in the camp-end dance recital which, unfortunately, conflicted with the dance recital at her year-round dance school. See, the recital she'd been working toward since February had to change its performance date due to a scheduling conflict at the theater. The new schedule overlapped with the dance camp recital. It was a tough decision, but she opted to go with her home recital. Next year? I suspect her allegiance may shift. She's already asked to switch schools. Alas, the dance camp was in Santa Barbara, an hour's drive from our house. And her level dances three days a week. That's 6 extra hours in the car each week not only for E, but also for V.

On the other hand, V had a fantastic two weeks of one-on-one attention from me. She absolutely reveled in it. We spent an entire day at the zoo checking out the animals, picnicking, playing on the sliding hill and, of all things, stopping to draw the animals on sketch pads V had packed for the day's adventure. We visited the Ty Warner Sea Center; it had been so long since we were last there that it was all new to her again. We wandered State Street, got a private tour of the Montecito Fire Department (thanks to a friend who's worked there for years), found the cupcake place, spent a couple of days on the beach building sand castles, and days in the park just playing. What a relaxing week - one child, one direction, one train of thought to follow (when I could let my own go).

On the weekend that separated the two weeks of dance, V and I went camping with my dad to Coyote Lake in the Sierra. It was a nice, quiet weekend. Just two Jeeps, three people, some fishing poles, peach cobbler and some other goodies to make the weekend an extra special treat. V and I enjoyed a hike around the lake, including hours of beach play on the granite sand side. Photos to follow...they're on the other computer. Time in the Sierra is always too short.

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