Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mommy N' Me - Two Weeks with V

In early August, E attended dance camp in Santa Barbara. While she whirled and leaped, V enjoyed two entire weeks of one-on-one time with me. She really enjoyed it, and so did I. (I think my sister-in-law, Amy, has the right idea in getting her kids away from each other regularly for one-on-one time with one parent or the other.)

V and I made the best of it. We went shopping (of course, this being Santa Barbara) and had plenty of time to find the perfect shoes to replace her worn out old favorites. We spent days upon DAYS in parks, a day at Santa Barbara Zoo drawing whatever animals caught her eye, a day at the Ty Warner Sea Center, two entire days on the beach. We had lunches out and picnics, coffee while playing chess at a fantastic local coffee shop, spent a day on the pier. We're both looking forward to repeating the mommy-n-me vacation next year when E hits up the dance camp again.

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