Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plan V

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Today we had a plan. Let's call it Plan A. There were lots of activities on our mommy-do, honey-do, kid-do list. There were things to be learned, subjects to cover, projects to complete and others to begin. Seeds and science and geometry and spelling, history and music and more.

V woke up with another plan in mind. Let's call it Plan V.

Though I was awake and heading toward the shower, she made me breakfast in bed. It was to be consumed in bed, reclined, relaxing with the newspaper. She served it with a big smile. She had her own plan.

Plan V worked.

I ate my Egglet (hard-boiled egg from the pile I boiled yesterday, bread, cheese and a mug o' milk), stretched out, and promptly fell back to sleep. For an hour.

An hour of play. An hour of absolutely NO direction from Mom. An hour of trampoline bouncing and reading and kitty wrestling. In kid terms, an hour of bliss. On top of the time it took me to eat breakfast and flip through the paper that put me right back to sleep.

When I woke, V was squealing on the trampoline; E was pounding yucca leaves she'd soaked overnight so she could extract the fibers and make rope. Far be it from me to disturb them. That's P.E. and history/science/art, right?

I took a shower and worked the crossword.

Finally, V ran in flushed and panting. "Mommy! Will you please help me move the compost bin?! There's a frog under there and I can't move the bin!"

Enter Mommy - the heavy lifter, the amphibian catcher. exit, Mommy.

The girls played with the frog, analyzed the frog, tested the frog's ability to jump on various terrains. (In case you wondered, no, trampolines don't help small frogs.) Then they built a terrarium for their newfound friend. It was a wonderful setup with all the things the frog needed, except food. So they went on a bug hunt and collected a variety which they dumped unceremoniously in the terrarium.

Meanwhile, I finished my Project Linus quilt, and made lunch. I resisted the urge to turn on the computer and get involved with a blog, or blog reading, or friggin' Facebook, or my own book project.

After lunch, we returned to Plan A. Yes, we did math. Yes, we wrote a little. We giggled and talked, and thought and crafted. V was keen on reading to me, so we stopped everything so she could. She did. For an hour. We began building armor for Knight Day which Mr. B has planned for this weekend. (We're studying the Middle Ages this year.)

There were no textbooks. There were no lectures. Sorry, traditionalists, but this seems to be working for us all.

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  1. No one said that the daily schedual can't be improvised, I like the free thinking of the girls, because they always come up with something chalenging and educational, I love the intrest in the wild life, as I would do the same thing they did, I enjoy little critters.
    Loveing Life


  3. The best days can be when we just let the kids be kids...and follow their lead! It's great to be free!


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