Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ClickSchooling - finding resources on the internet

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The girls are, technically, in third and first grades this year, but we continue to develop our own curriculum that meets their needs and interests. There is no sewing standard, nor is there a knitting standard, and E far exceeds the expectations in the civics/social sciences standards thanks to her interest in history, geography and people of the world. So we continue to develop our own program, devise our own curriculum, through resources found at our local library, bookstores, through friends and family and online.

One fantastic resource for educational (and often even FUN) websites is ClickSchooling. The site's founder has provided links to thousands of sites. You can get lost here, spend days, perhaps even months, online. Or subscribe free and she'll send you one link each day via e-mail, following a subject-matter pattern (math Monday, arts Saturday, etc.)

Isn't the internet just incredible?

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