Thursday, February 12, 2009

Panther in the Skylight

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We have a neighborhood dog cat who has a perfectly good home. His owners provide food and water, and not just shelter, but a luxurious, pillow-lined hutch with a heated bed. Still, Panther loves people so much he just can't bring himself to stay in his own yard, let alone house.

He spends a lot of time in the adjacent open space, watching strangers pass, getting pets from anyone willing to slow down, stalking dogs not quite wise to the ways of an outdoor cat. He also spends a lot of time at our house. I suppose it's because we're home. Or maybe it's because he can sense the three kitties inside. Or maybe it has something to do with me rescuing him one day several years back when I found him hanging by his toes which had gotten pinched between the slats of his rolling garage door as it closed.

Panther doesn't play in our backyard. One of our three cats is an inside-outside cat, limited to guarding our backyard. I think he's been inside the perimeter once. Shadow doesn't mess around.

This morning, as V headed down the hall after breakfast, she yelled, "WOW! Look at this Mommy! Hurry! Look!" This is what we saw.
That's Panther, keeping watch over the house. Panther in the Skylight.
It's nice to know someone's watching over us, even if it is "just" a cat.

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  1. This reminds me of the year I adopted my neighbors yellow lab dog(at night only). His name was Mr. Tate and one day in summer weather the front door to my rental house was left open and he let himself in, cautiously smelled around and got up on the couch with me and watched t.v. Every night as his family let him out to sleep in his dog house, he climbed his fence and scratched the back door to my house and I'd let him in to sleep in my bed with me. In the morning before work I'd let him back out to go home. Great company, bed warmer and I never had to buy dog food!

  2. Best picture ever of the girls!

  3. Aww....we miss Panther. He's been missing for a year now. :( Best cat we never had to feed.


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