Thursday, August 23, 2012

Discovering New Places: The Grandmother Tree, Los Osos

As the author of "Best Family Adventures," a series detailing the family-friendly venues and events throughout San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties, it isn't often that I'm introduced to a new-to-me place. Thanks to friends, we were treated with a new adventure this summer: the Grandmother Tree in Los Osos.

Locals know the tree as "the place where the teenagers drink beer," "the smoking tree," or "Grandmother Tree." We've passed it many times in our adventures exploring Morro Bay's "back bay." But from the outside it looked like one of any of a number of beautiful trees in the area.

Enter friends in the know.

During a hike up Montana de Oro State Park's Coon Creek Trail to the Mother Tree, we got to talking about our favorite climbing trees, reading trees, shade trees. The Grandmother Tree was mentioned and I was ENTIRELY in the dark. What to do....what to do.

With plenty of time on our hands, we wrapped up our Coon Creek adventure, then headed to the friends' house to pick up their family dog and head out for a walk. VoilĂ !

Thank you, Friends, for introducing us to a fabulous climbing space, reading space and relaxing space. We look forward to visiting our new favorite tree again soon. 

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