Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beyond the Farm: Climbing the Walls

While E discovered theatre, V discovered the climbing walls at SLO-OP Climbing Gym in San Luis Obispo. The gym is open 24 hours (with key card) to paying members, and open to the general public during some evening hours. We discovered it while researching updates for "Best Family Adventures: San Luis Obispo County - SECOND edition."

The gym has been a great, relatively safe play place for V while E attended college and theatre programs in town this summer. The climbers are largely young folks who are eager to share their knowledge with young folks like her. V will continue as long as she likes since we still head in to town regularly for E's dance rehearsals (in addition to shopping and social visits). And if E stops dancing, we may just have to switch the tables, or buy E a membership as well.

I probably should join, too. I feel like a slug sitting there while she and other fit folks climb. But there is a fee involved, and we're trying to balance ourselves. I choose to use my "climbing" funds and any additional funds toward that end at this point. The girls, however, are welcome to explore to the best of our financial ability.

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