Saturday, August 18, 2012

Book Review: "Maximum Ride, Book two, School's out -Forever," by James Patterson

Book Review by V, age 9:
Maximum is on the run again, trying to figure out who their real parents really are.

The Flock  --  Maximum (Max or Maximum Ride), Fang (who is very silent), Nudge (who talks a lot), Iggy (who is blind), Gasman (Gazzy), Angel (who reads minds and is devoted to her teddy bear, Celeste), and the talking dog, Total, all of whom had bird DNA grafted into them when they were babies so they have wings --  is flying towards Washington DC when it is suddenly attacked by flying Erasers, wolf-human hybrids. Fang  gets injured badly during the attack, and has to go to the hospital. Once there, they meet a nice lady named Anne, who invites them to her house for the night. Of course that would be too easy for Maximum, wouldn't it?

I think this is a good book for readers ages 9 and older, because the Erasers are rather brutal, scary and mean, and there IS a goodly amount of foul language like "stupid," "freaking," and "damn."
I really like this book because it is interesting all the way through. Full of adventure, with so many twists and turns,  you can never be quite sure what will come next.

 This is the second book in the series, so be sure to read the first "Maximum Ride" which is called just, "Maximum Ride", before this book, or you will be completely lost and confused when you read this book.

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