Sunday, September 12, 2010

Memories from the PacNW - great businesses

I know, I know. I've yet to catch up on the photos from the trip, here, let alone a final trip report. Blame it on Picasa. The program tends to crash and take my external hard drive (and some images) with it. I'm looking for a more stable indexing software, but that freebie sure was great 'til it crashed...and crashed again...and then again.

So, in the interest of clearing bits and pieces of paper from my desk, I AM going to share these with you: some of the interesting businesses we found along our way. These are places that might be worth a look for you as we enter this Christmas season. (Yes, it's almost that season again. You know how EYE know? The Christmas decoration supplies have been put on shelves right next to the Halloween supplies at our local craft store. Must be true.)

Pier 11 Boutique (aka Lei Lotus) in Astoria, Oregon claims all its goods are fair trade. At any rate, there's some fun, funky stuff there. We discovered them while visiting the kite festival.

KT's Treasure Chest of La Pine, Oregon, did indeed have some fine jewelry. I'm not big on silver, or jewelry for that matter, but I found a piece here that nearly had me shelling out the $150 she was asking for it. But I stepped away from the table, and after an elephant ear break, cooler thoughts prevailed. Still, you can probably find out where she'll be by giving her a ring.

As always, we found great stuff at Portland's Saturday Market (on Sunday, of course). Again, I found myself drawn to Rei Garden's fabulous felted works. (Warning: Akira, do NOT click that link. There are (gasp!) scarves!) I also enjoyed Verone Flood's photography, particularly her collages. One of my favorite stops was Rachael Foss's Fused Glass House. I find fused glass wonderfully fun, often beautiful and even whimsical. I don't know what I'd ever do with so much of the art I enjoy. I'd probably never wear much of it, and Lord knows we don't have room to store anything. Still, a girl can look.

And then there's Spoonman, entirely inexplicable.

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