Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandma Martha!

After soccer, we got ourselves back together, made a side dish and headed out to Nipomo's most beautiful, relaxing, serene gathering place for day with family we haven't seen in awhile. The kids have all grown so much, and got along so well. Really a relaxing, fun afternoon catching up and watching the kids revel in each others company.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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  1. Wow !!! That looks like it was a lot of fun.
    Grandma Martha seems to be doing fairly well.
    And such a great place to gather.
    Brinngs back memories.

  2. I really did enjoy watching the kids play soooo well together!! I think a lot of special moments were made!! We HAVE to do that more often!!! Thank you for sharing the pics...they are awesome!!

  3. I'M SO JEALOUS! Those are such fun pictures! And, I agree, that place really must be one of the best retreats I've ever been to (followed closely by the old farm in Utah, or Tingey's Corner) I know MY kids have grown up, but it's so odd to see everyone else's kids all grown up, too! Looks like an incredible day that will be a wonderful memory for a long time.


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