Monday, April 12, 2010

Easy-going April

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April's been a pretty relaxed month so far. The girls have already completed nearly all of the state's compulsory subjects. (E will do her math final this Wednesday. V is working through the remains of money math and geometry.) And there's no shortage of reading going on. We really enjoyed the Iditarod unit, and even caught some of the finishes on the live webcam in Nome! V is penning her first novel - so far she's planning 34 chapters - based on the Iditarod. I asked when she was going to wrap it up. Her response, "I don't want it to end!" She's having such a blast writing her own stories.

The girls each made sock dolls, I've put the final touches on V's Civil War Ball gown (don't worry...we'll get to photos of THOSE eventually), and we've enjoyed some rainy days (including today). E's back to soccer, too.

We're working on more cooking, including some gluten-free recipes. I don't know WHAT's up with our Tollhouse cookies. They've always worked out 'til now. We're using the Pamela's Gluten-free flour, and while Grandpa's Gluten-free worked great for this, Pamela's just isn't doing it for us. Pointers? Check out the pix to see what I'm talking about.

Tomorrow I look forward to starting some poetry work with the girls. Super excited about the curriculum I have in hand. Should be super fun, particularly since E is already writing her own incredible poetry, and V is into writing anything at all.

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