Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sierra Weekend

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We've recently experienced a whirlwind of California travel. In a matter of two weeks, we've headed south to the Happiest Place, north to The Beach, and now east to The Sierra. The girls and I loaded up the Jeep, then joined Grandpa for a ride up a great trail to some beautiful meadows, lakes and forest.

After some setbacks, not the least of which was an intriguing rip in Grandpa's trailer hitch, we picked up our friend Brian, then made camp near a meadow where the wildflowers were poppin'! We roughed it up Thompson Hill where my Jeep performed flawlessly, E served as my spotter, and both girls were incredibly patient.

The weekend wouldn't have been complete without some High Sierra fishing! V was first to put her line in the water, and that first cast turned up a fish! We were all pretty excited, but none happier than she was! I forgot to pack E's fishing pole because she doesn't talk about fishing much...in the rush it completely slipped my mind! So, she took over my fly fishing gear. Honestly, I thought she'd cast a few times and be done with it. Instead, she took right to it and also caught countless fish. (We practiced catch-and-release except for three fish we ate for dinner that night.)

The trip out would have been uneventful. We managed to make it over all the tough spots, but Grandpa's trailer took a bad bounce on a relatively flat spot and flipped over. Fortunately, he's thought ahead and had a hitch made for just this type of disaster. The trailer flipped, the hitch spun and the Jeep was fine. I turned my Jeep around to provide access to my winch, and Brian and Grandpa put everything in order in no time.

We're home for a few weeks. Cleaning up. Resting. Bouncing on the trampoline. Give us a ring!

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  1. These pics woke up my camping bug. Must be time to go!!


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