Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Birthday Surprise for Grandma

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I know. We've been MISSING! I haven't blogged about every last detail of our lives lately. I've offered no homeschooling advice, thoughts on parenthood or even 'pit hair. Like everyone else, however, I have some perfectly good excuses! I'll leave out the boring ones and offer this update instead. :)

After some scheming with secretive family and friends, the girls and I and Grandpa Doug managed to surprise GrandMom for her 60th birthday! Well, she actually WASn't surprised that we showed up in Anaheim at 8 a.m. on her birthday to join her in Disneyland - she was expecting us even though WE didn't know she was expecting us! We enjoyed a lovely day in the park catching all of Grandma's and the Girls' favorites before heading out for an evening surprise that REALLY got her.

Yep, Grandma was exhausted after a day in the park, the crowds, the heat (not to mention the countless hours spent in the office in days leading UP to the Big Day so she could ENJOY the day off). But we had late dinner plans for her that juggled everyone's scheduling needs, not the least of which was Grandpa Doug's mandatory rehearsal schedule.

At 7:55 p.m. as we pulled in to the parking lot at our intended destination, Grandma said, "What time does Doug get out of rehearsal?"

"9:30," I said. "He'll be here right afterward."

"I don't think we'll make it that long. We may have to call him from the hotel room."

I nodded, then found a parking spot.

As we reached the restaurant, Grandma spotted a table for six on the patio. That would do nicely, she thought. It was super close to the entrance, just right for her aching feet, and outside, just right for enjoying the pleasant evening.

"Why don't we sit here," she asked, looking no further than the closest possible chair.

She was so tired she didn't spot the familiar faces in the group at the neighboring table - more than 20 of her friends and family members lying in wait!

"I don't know, Mom. Why don't we sit...HERE," I said with my sweeping arm indicating the group table.

The looks on her face were priceless. (See slide show for the best.) First, exhausted consideration. Then, pure confusion. Finally, ecstatic approval of the guest list.

Thanks to everyone who joined us, some from across the state, some from just across town, all much appreciated!


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