Monday, April 13, 2009

No More Training Wheels

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Hard to believe my girls, of all girls, wouldn't be up on a bike early. But E fell once, and that was all it took. (She's not big on the try-try-again method.) Since she wasn't for it, Little Sister decided it COULDN'T be a good thing. But V wasn't entirely convinced, and continued to ride even when I adjusted up the training wheels, then bent them out of the way, then, finally today, completely removed them.

When I brought out the wrench, she offered mild protestation, but when I assured her I'd help her with her starts (the only time she was using the training wheels anyhow) she was all for it. Within minutes, she didn't need me anymore.

What a happy little cyclist we have now! (E chose chores over riding - that's how convinced she is it CAN'T POSSIBLY be FUN!)

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