Monday, April 6, 2009

Big Day in Orthodontia

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Today was a BIG DAY for E. After months of being promised her braces would move to the next phase "in four weeks," today the orthodontist kept to his word and took those bad boys off.

Why, you may wonder, would we use orthodontia if we don't believe in something as simple as antiperspirant or 'pit shaving? Well, this photo may give you some idea what the girl was up against:

What you may not be able to tell is just how far forward that snaggletooth is (or is it how far BACK the other tooth is). Given all the photos we take, you'd think I'd have managed a shot of one of her favorite silly poses of the time. E would close her lips in a silly grin leaving out that one front tooth. She looked like a living jack o' lantern, and would fall OUT LAUGHING whenever she did it.

Using orthodontia was not a matter of vanity. My little fruit eater could no longer manage an ear of corn or biting a chunk from a whole apple. The misalignment of those front teeth were adversely affecting her otherwise healthy eating habits.

So, this was the first step, put in place July 22:

She diligently wore her head gear, night and day. By the time we'd returned from our long trip, her front teeth appeared to be in line. Still, there was a matter of an overbite to deal with. So began the promises that the front braces would come off "next time," then "next time" again, until finally today:

She has a special retainer that's designed to help her lower jaw move into place so her bottom teeth will line up with the top eventually. There's also the matter of a neck gear that will remain in use for months to come.

So, in less than one year, she's gone from this:

To this:

Some things NEVER change (and I'm so glad)!

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  1. Yay! I love this post and can totally relate. Did the braces thing as a youngster- twice! Total pain, but totally worth it. She's a cutie!

  2. Aw, thanks!

    As we were heading out the ortho's door with the new setup, the mom following us out with HER daughter told E that the new retainer is "completely worth it." I asked the DAUGHTER, and she agreed wholeheartedly.

    Either these people were really nice and supportive, or really twisted. ;)

  3. I'm so happy to see this post! My daughter (10) is getting braces this year (her choice not ours). How old is your daughter? She is adorable!

  4. E will be 9 in a matter of weeks. Thanks for watching our happenin's! :)

  5. Wow!!! Congratulations! I had tons of dental work done as a pup and still wiggle with happiness when someone tells me I have a beautiful smile!

  6. Wow! They look beautiful! I wish my parents had done it for me, had to do it myself lol.

  7. I love the silly faces, I wonder who taught her how to do those. I always wished I had braces when I was young. She is soooo Cute.

  8. Give my congratulations to E. What a big difference, I’m so proud of her for sticking it thru to the end or should I say to the beautiful beginning.


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