Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Los Angeles Food Bank & American Girl Place - OVERLOAD!

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Yesterday we played at the California Science Center at Exposition Park here in Los Angeles. We were fortunate to hit it during Homeschool Day, but were surprised to learn that event didn't entail much use of the science center. In fact, it involved interesting classroom sessions, all focused on electricity. Still a morning well spent. After lunch we returned to hook motors to batteries and build our own electrical toys.

Then came the IMAX movie - Monster of the Deep. COMPLETELY unrelated to electricity, but entertaining nonetheless. Grandpa Doug and the girls and I spent the rest of our afternoon exploring the museum itself.

If I had to choose (fortunately I didn't have to), I'd go with "The Cube," aka Discovery Center in Santa Ana. It was far more hands-on, fewer television screens, and everything inside the museum was included in the entry fee (not so at Science Center). Still, if it's anatomy you're looking to learn, the Science Center is your place.

Today we went for something entirely different. We started by dropping off goodies at the LA Food Bank (you can read about this on our other blog here), then visited American Girl Place. WOW! Both eye opening. Never knew there could be such a large doll store! Or such a large food bank.

Sorry for the brevity. We're headed out the door to see "Annie" for a well-rounded day. ;)

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  1. Hey...I am finally getting around to telling you and the girls about this project...It's one that I volunteer on, and frequently think "this would make such a great history lesson" so here's the link: it's pretty self explanatory, and also fits the bill for your year of living charitably.



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