Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Charitable Deeds project is coming along

Ever tried to do something, just one thing, for someone else EVERY DAY? Our Charitable Deeds Project is coming along, though I discovered a bit of a stumbling block today. Still, we carry on with it joyfully.

In other news, our day started out MUCH more smoothly than yesterday. V's "day of being Mom" afforded me some free time to work on one of my more time-intensive Deed projects which was really quite relaxing. The "Day of Being Mom" project also seemed to work its magic. By midday, V decided perhaps she didn't mind lending a hand now and again. "You have a LOT of work to do," she told me.

Her Mom Chores today were a lot more fun than yesterdays, once the morning dishes and kitty litter box duty were finished. I think her favorite was planting a couple dozen bulbs in the garden. The best part, I'm sure, was that I didn't tell her where to plant them. She was given free reign over any exposed dirt, except in the produce garden where we stick with edibles for (I hope) obvious reasons.

She wanted to cook again, and she was interested in making soup, so we pulled out the onions and made a SCRUMPTIOUS French Onion Soup from scratch. V even enjoyed helping peel and slice the onions, once she made one small addition to her attire.

More willing to help out than ever.

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