Monday, May 19, 2008

Homeschoolers Everywhere

Last weekend we enjoyed Heritage Day at the Dana Adobe in Nipomo. The annual event features actors, volunteers dressed the part, and plenty of hands-on activities for kids including basket weaving with pine needles, washboard laundry, games of the period, roping, spinning and weaving, to name a few. This kind of event is right up our girls' alley.

While we were there, a reporter from the local television station approached Mr. B and me. She was in search of parents of public school kids, she said. Could we help her out? When we told her we homeschool, she was clearly disappointed. As she walked away, she told her cameraman, "There are a lot of homeschoolers here. I can't find any public school families!" In fact, we saw several of our homeschooling friends from throughout the Central Coast, some dressed in costume for the occasion, others just enjoying the day, none taking notes.

The reaction was a far cry from that we received just three years ago when we started. Then it was, "You what?" Now it's, "Man, there are a lot of you," or "I wish I had done that," or other questions related to getting started.

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