Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Treehouse Project

We had all talked about a lot of things before we moved out here: our dreams of lots of animals, horses, hiking, camping, enjoying our space. And, of course, a tree house. Late last spring, Mr. B made that last dream come true. With V as his guide, they selected what they believed to be the best tree for the job. We learned in short order that the pines aren't very trustworthy, and while the oaks fail spectacularly, they seem to stand far longer than these Digger pines which are sticky with sap and have enormous, spiny pine cones.

Mr. B pretty much undertook this task as his own. Who knew he had such building skill? While I'd envisioned something far simpler, he reinforced a lookout that's at least 15 feet up in the tree. It's a great place to picnic, and the girls camped in it with friends when the weather was perfect for sleeping out last summer.

Next time Cousin Cyndi comes, I think we'll just plan to camp out there for the duration of her stay. :)

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