Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reese's Overload - My Failing Baking Skills

Way back in May, after the garden was planted and before the mayhem that is summer began, I was inspired by this Reese's Overload Cake recipe and photo.

Beautiful, right? The recipe wasn't bad either, for people who like chocolate in their peanut butter (or peanut butter in their chocolate). I can bake, and I make some pretty tasty frostings. Why not give it a shot?

Well, I'm NOT a cake decorator, that's for DARN sure, and if I ever doubted it, here's the proof.

Looked good through the baking stage, but this is when it should have become clear this wasn't going to work. I needed THREE pans of the same size. Who has THREE? (Who ever needs more than two?) Apparently, Real Bakers.

But I forged ahead. By the time the cakes were baked, the filling was already made and the frosting was well on its way.

The cake was really tall. Lots of sugar. Lots of chocolate and more than its fair share of peanut butter.

The real bakers among us can already see the problem. (I was learning by doing, you see, so while I could SEE it, I still thought I, the inexperienced baker/decorator that I am, could fix it.)

The initial frosting run didn't make enough to cover even the top. Plus, it was too stiff. So I made another batch, softer this time. Alas, it was FAR too runny.

 It tasted scrumptious, rich and sweet and yummy,

but I think it's time for a cake decorating class. What do YOU think?

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