Monday, May 2, 2011

What We Did On Our Spring Vacation - San Antonio Lake

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 What would we do without our friends? Oh, sure, we'd explore, but there's nothing like sharing adventures with friends and family. This spring break, we did exactly that thanks to an invitation by former neighbors and now long-time friends.

Spring break saw the girls and me packing the little trailer with all the water toys we could find in the garage - inflatable boats, inner tubes, body boards, water guns - you name it. Oh, and we packed pillows and blankets, sunscreen and more food than we could have eaten in that week. (Family tradition, it seems.) Then we hit the road for the relatively short jaunt north to San Antonio Lake.

Not to rub it in or anything (really!), but while our relatives and friends far afield suffered in the snow and torrential rains of an unusually stormy spring, we enjoyed largely sunny skies, warming lake temperatures (though not QUITE warm enough for an early morning, dive-in approach), and good company. The kids spent most of their daylight hours in or on the water, sharing water toys so willingly and freely it was just plain peaceful. This must be The Age - there was no bickering over toys, no "it's MY turn," no "gimme," no whining or fussing. They just played, and when one kid would get out of kayak, another would crawl in. They knocked each other off their inflatables, or towed each other. The parted ways, grouped and regrouped.

And the adults...had! We talked, we read, we stared in wonder at our growing children.

These are, indeed, the magical years.

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  1. SO TRUE! Watching my 'children' grow into 'kids' and now turning into 'adults' has been the most incredible process. It seems, to me, that time flows past and they grow and change faster and faster! Hang on and enjoy the ride!


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