Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter: Grandma, Eggs and Hunting

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 This year, thanks to my impeccable (ahem!) scheduling, E's birthday party shared the weekend with Easter. Thought it made for interesting travel for those coming from afar (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!), and those trying to take part in the myriad family friendly Easter-related events here on the coast, the unintended back-to-back special events also meant Grandma was here to help us decorate eggs.

Flo's output is great, but with one chicken laying one egg per day in a family of four, well, there just aren't many eggs left over for the decorating. So, we resorted to free-range white eggs (who knew?) found at a local market. The end result: fun, festive, tasty creations.

The girls found most of their morning goodies with little effort, despite the Easter Bunny's effort to increase the degree of difficulty. They still love following the bunny's tracks through the house on their initial hunt for the baskets, then searching out the plastic (and some real) eggs in the yard. Mr. Bunny's going to have to step up his cammo efforts next year if he wants to keep them on board! :)

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