Tuesday, April 26, 2011

March Heat Wave

I know: I'm a bit behind on blogging. We've been pretty busy around here, and I'm trying to be at least SOMEWHAT focused on the edits and updates for "Best Family Adventures: San Luis Obispo County - SECOND EDITION." Maps have been delivered. All links, phone numbers, addresses and driving directions have been updated. On to editing, layout, ISBN bar code, photos, printing and, yes, learning how to turn it all into an e-book. I love print, but it looks like this is the way things are going, and since at least part of the purpose of writing these books is to help augment the family income, I've gotta go with the flow.

The computer work is done largely after dark, when the kids are in bed and the quiet chores are completed. That makes for slow going on a project this large. By daylight, we've been enjoying a crazy spring with heat waves and cold spells, windy weather and beach days.

March went out with some pretty intense heat after our cold (on Central Coast scale) and wet (see same scale) winter. After an afternoon out with the horse, we collected one of the other horsey kids and returned home to cool off in the sprinkler. I love sprinkler play, and I'm so glad that, while they seem to be growing out of some of the great "kid things" in life, this is one they still enjoy:

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