Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Us Chicks

Spring brought yet two more additions to our growing menagerie. V is holding out for a rabbit, but E wanted a chick. I'm told chicks don't do well singly, so E picked out one (a Plymouth Barred Rock) and I had V select an Auracana. (There is some discrepancy over whether we received Auracauna, Ameracauna or Easter Egg chickens...time will tell.) The girls have named them (several times). I believe they're currently called Ginger and Mischief, but every time I see a girl with a chick, the names have changed again. I'll keep you posted.

For initial housing, we looked into some of the troughs and other containers available at the feed store, but after considering the hundred-dollar price tags, decided to improvise at home. We discovered that the flat-roofed dog house ever-optimistic V built last year with her daddy serves wonderfully once upturned. Her door and window latches work just as well as wall closures, and clear packing tape seals the gaps to keep out unwanted drafts.

Flo ignored the chicks entirely the first two weeks. She's become more interested of late. We'll see how it all pans out once they run freely together. For now, we put the chicks out in a "chicken tractor" when the days are warm enough (so nearly ever day at this point) while Flo has free reign over the yard.

Chicks check out their new home:

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  1. I have a PERFECT small cage for rasing baby chicks inside the house for the first three weeks. You put cat litter in the tray, etc. It is rusty, but available for loan. My barred rock is named Dotty and the other barred rock is Spotty and the Americanas (my favorite chickens) have exotic names like Rusty and Goldie for their colors. And remember Juanita and Lolita and Chicata and all the "eata" sisters, including Fahita. I know, they are spelled wrong. Cats will not eat full size hens, but can easily nail chicks. Once a cat is pecked by a hen, they stay clear. And hens make scary squacking noises. My glasses are not on. Love, KMW


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