Tuesday, December 2, 2008

TINY travel & GIANT turkeys

Tonight while researching further information about our much-improved 1971-72 Compact Jr. trailer I came upon this new RV. You thought OUR space was tight!? Then again, THIS Jeep-mounted space will go a lot more places than ours will. Still...I think I'll stick with our Junior, particularly for the price! WHEW!

Had a really nice Thanksgiving with a fantastic meal and great company. The grandparents all took turns playing with or reading with the girls. Grandpa Doug read the entire (abridged, but entire) version of The Secret Garden in one sitting. Clearly Grandma was exhausted after helping out in the kitchen and socializing all day. (Plus, it's tough to stay awake on a warm comfy couch when someone's reading to you, isn't it?) Grandma Margaret got into the act with dress-up. (I believe they were pioneers this time rather than the Donner party that the girls have tended to play more often in recent weeks.)

I managed to make some fantastic turkey soup stock (about 1 1/2 gallons) complete with plenty of meat that fell of the bones I was cooking. Also have leftover turkey frozen and have been snacking on turkey sandwiches and various other turkey concoctions since shortly after we finished cleaning up from Thanksgiving dinner.

Followed up with a gingerbread cookie backing session Friday afternoon. What a mess...but MMMM so tasty! This week - headed south to the Big D. (SHhh...it's a secret!)

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