Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it snow!

Look what we found today! Please note: Photos on the blog do not translate to e-mail. If you want to see the pix, you need to click through to the blog site. :)

The girls and I headed up the mountains east of Santa Maria this morning. We'd seen snow up here yesterday when we were headed out to cookie backing with our SMILe (Santa Maria Inclusive Learners) friends.

But this morning as we headed out we saw no snow. Still, we were packed up and in the Jeep so we figured we might as well have an adventure.

At 3,000 feet we were thrilled with some snow stuck to the leaves of various bushes. By 4,000 feet there was snow on the ground on each side of the dirt road, but other traffic had melted or otherwise removed any hope of snow from the road.

At 4,417 feet we found a patch worthy of play. We ate some of the fresh stuff, threw some snowballs, then settled down to make a snow lady ala Grandma Kathy style. Our lady is kneeling because we couldn't get enough snow together to make her stand. I think she turned out pretty darned well for first-timers! :)

As we approached 5,000 feet we stopped to sled for awhile, but it was COOOLD and I discovered the battery was boiling. This can't be good. So we turned for home.

It was a great day out! :)

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  1. How fun!! It reminds me of the time you had rented a nice red sports car and came up to Utah. You drove that nice car up a dirt/snow covered road so we could play in it. I do recall you letting Tom and I drive that car also(we were only 14 and 15) How much fun I bet your kids have with a mom like you! Love Cousin, Cyndi


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