Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good News from the Farm

It's been just a whirlwind of a year, really, starting this time last year with our departure prep for the 2011 Big Trip while also in the throes of trying to sell our house. Then it was the holidays, then the house sold and we moved, then unpacking (and still unpacking) and settling (and still settling), then moving forward with life in the new place. I recently wrote about some regrets I was having about the move, but things are looking up.

E's heavily involved in activities already and yesterday V said, "I like our new house. We have good neighbors." I think we're settling in.
In short, July brought us Cuesta College for Kids (a full schedule of arts, literature and performing arts classes at the local community college), membership to a local climbing co-op gym for V, intensive rehearsals at a local theater for E, visiting family from out of state, a ballet performance to wrap up the spring rehearsal season, lessons in the garden, swimming in the pond next door and plenty of little projects here and there, including MORE TRASH removal. In between all this, we had some nice finds, including a free pool from a neighbor a few miles up the road. Our visitors helped put it together and it's been a refreshing playground in our parched territory. It's not big, nor fancy, but it'll do the trick and the price was certainly right!

We have a couple more weeks of the theater rehearsals before the big show, then I think we'll take the last two weeks of August to do NOTHING that involves leaving the property. Yep. I plan to stock up on groceries, too, so we don't have to head into town at all. We'll see how long we can manage it. (We haven't spent three consecutive days at home since V was an infant - I wonder if we CAN!)

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