Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to Host a Swap-o-Rama

Thanks to my sister on law, E and I discovered Swap-o-Rama this weekend. It's a great way to clean out the closets, pick up some new-to-you clothes and get your creative juices flowing all for a good cause.

Here's how it works. First select a cause for which you'd like to raise funds and awareness. Then find a place. Charge a minimal entrance fee but require one bag of donated clothes for each entry. (those proceeds go to your cause as do earnings from raffles and other bonus fundraising efforts. Any clothes left over at the end of the day go to your local shelter.)

Participants drop their donations at the door. Donations are sorted into tables Craft stations are set up along the perimeter. Stations here included: making bags out of old shirts; silk screening; fabric painting; seeing machine stations; pillow making; and hat making. A live blues band added to the flavor.
Then turn it into something you can use.
Or find things that just shouldn't be...
Even kept the pockets. They'll come in handy.

With the leftover leg fabric, make two more items (bookbags here).


  1. We were part of a homeschool group of about 80 families where we used to live, and our group had a swap about every 6 months. We did it more simply, just bringing blankets to the park and laying everything out. Moms got to look first and pick out and then kids got to browse. It was fantastic! I often think almost all the stuff we need/want is probably out there; it's just in the wrong place. Get it sorted into the right place and less stuff needs to be created and less money needs to be spent.

  2. Ah, I so forgot to go to this event! Hope all is well! Miss you! We'll definitely come visit your new digs this summer! We'll have to get out of the cold! Peace!

  3. Love the bag! I saw someone had made one out of a football players’ old jeans---huge, but perfect for a pool bag full of towels!


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