Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Porcelain Doll Project - A Dream Come True

E has always been my girly girl - frilly dresses, lace, pretty things, feminine things, and dolls, oh yes, dolls. So you can probably imagine her excitement when she learned that her involvement in 4H this year opened the door to a porcelain doll project. A local woman provides instruction to 4H kids (and anyone else interested during other hours) specific to building porcelain dolls from the clay out.

Project members first selected from catalogs the doll components that interested them. Some chose matched sets of head/arms/legs, but others mixed and matched (arms and legs from one model with a head from another). The following week, the greenware had been molded and was ready for cleanup. The kids carefully (VERY carefully) scraped off the seams that the mold had left, sanded and smoothed their parts before sending them to the kiln.

The following week, they tinted their dolls, then each following week another bit was completed: cheeks blushed, lips painted, one entire two hour session dedicated to painting the eyebrows (the first one was easy, but making the second match, a serious challenge), stuffing the body (which E had sewn at home), attaching the parts, and finally wig selection.

E should be able to bring her new doll home in late March. I don't think she could be any more proud.

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