Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet Leo, the Latest Addition to Our Menagerie

I don't believe there's an animal V wouldn't want to have under lock and key, or sleeping on her pillow. Point out anything with fur and she's likely to say something akin to, "It would be fun to have one of those." I don't know if she's interested in the hunt, or the actual ownership of the animals, or the daily care. Wait...I know she's not into daily care. (Check the litter box cleaning record.)

Still, Santa gave in this holiday season and provided her with the materials she'd need to complete her terrarium so a hard-shelled reptile could find a home here. She spent the month between Christmas and last week learning about turtles and tortoises, reading up on various species, and finally settling on a Leopard Tortoise. (For the record, I wasn't particularly keen on a pet that lives, on average, 50 years. How many kids really have an attention span that long? And really, do I want a pet tortoise for the next five decades? Umm.....)

Still, the project's been a good one for V and her dad. They've joined the local turtle club, done some reading and research together, mapped out their terrarium setup and are working on an outdoor enclosure plan so "Leo" can get plenty of sunshine on our warm, sunny days.


  1. I'm SO happy to hear that they chose a 'tortoise' over a water turtle... you will be much happier with that when it comes to cage maintenance and cleaning!
    I have a friend that has a different type of tortoise that they've had for almost 10 years and they still love him to death.

    I can't wait to see him in person in October!

  2. Wow, I am Glad that Kelly was here when I read this, I didn't know that you were going to California in Oct. How fun !!!
    AND Valerie, Leo is so so cute, he will be with you for a long long time, such a cool pet.
    Have fun with your new little friend.

  3. Oh boy, I remember the day that Mom and I got our Mr. Turtle. He was so small and fit in a pill bottle to come home. Gosh we had him for maybe 15 years in the house, before we put him in our outside fish pond. Oh... Mom, we are going to Cali. in Oct. wanna come?

  4. Hi V...does your cat want to eat your turtle? You have a lot of pets! I wish i could get one...I hope to see you soon and meet Leo and Flo. Love, Eliana


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