Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Update - LOTS of activity

I know, I KNOW! It's been awhile. But we've been busy around here, and my New Year's Resolution involved spending a lot less time on the computer despite a predicted increase in freelance work and the summer release of the second edition of Best Family Adventures: San Luis Obispo County. (I hope this old computer can handle THAT workload!)  With little feedback on this blog lately, I decided this was the place to start with cutbacks. If you've missed us, I'm sorry. (We've missed you, too!) Remember: the phone rings both ways, as do e-mails and blog entries. So many ways to keep in touch these days!

I've been having some compatibility issues with this "old" computer and the giant external hard drive which decided this past year that it no longer liked our old-fashioned Windows XP. At least we THINK that's what the problem is. The pair cruise along for weeks with no problems, then there's a catastrophic crash and images are scrambled beyond repair. I don't know at this point how many photos have been lost forever - I shudder to think! So, I'm leery of it, and with the recent horsey outburst of spending, a new computer's not in the cards. Plus, doesn't it just suck that we have to purchase new, expensive hardware so often to keep up with these insane changes in software?

So what have we been doing with our time? We enjoyed some fantastic winter storms in December complete with LOTS of water and flooding in some areas here on the Central Coast. It was such a pleasant change from the everyday sun with which we're spoiled here. We visited family, enjoyed our horse, took our first family hike/ride (boy, those pioneers with just ONE animal to share among the group were far more fortunate than those without!), and enjoyed Santa Maria's first skating rink. E has also gotten more involved in 4H. She's volunteered for a variety of committees (ice cream social, toy drive, pizza party, senior movie night, etc.) and continues to enjoy her project work (sewing, cooking, beginning 4H, porcelain dolls).

Here's a photographic peek into our world in December:

We also enjoyed an all-too-brief gathering in Riverdale with cousins galore:

When I get up the nerve, I'll upload the January images to the external drive, and hope for the best. Then I'll send a more recent photo update. Meanwhile, what's new with you?

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