Monday, February 15, 2010

Two More Family Friendly Businesses Closing Doors

Two weeks ago, I sent my book out for publication. In another couple of weeks it will be here. But already, some of the information is outdated. Chiefly, two of the venues are closing their doors.

Judith Hale Gallery in Los Olivos is closing after a quarter century of service to artists, aspiring artists and art lovers. I just got off the phone with Phyllis, and she said the doors will remain open ’til the end of the month, then we’re on our own. Artists have reduced their prices (including jewelry) 40-50%. Plus, the garden remains a beautiful oasis of curiosities.

Motionz in Santa Maria Town Center is also going through some hardships. Motions “will close on March 28, 2010 due to hard economic times.” The owners are willing to sell the business if anyone’s interested in taking it on. Otherwise, it’s lights out for Santa Barbara County’s only organized, indoor laser tag facility.

Since releasing "Best Family Adventures: San Luis Obispo County" in mid-2006, an incredible number of businesses have failed. There are no more sellers of new books in all of northern San Luis Obispo County. Want a new book there? You have to drive in to San Luis Obispo proper, or order online. The last seller of new books in Santa Maria Valley closed its doors last month. Other retailers are nailing shut their doors as well. Scary times.

If you’re considering making any purchases, don’t forget the local businesses who are here to support our schools, our families, and the community 365 days a year. Sure, we might be able to order something for a buck cheaper online, but then there’s the additional cost of shipping; and even if shipping is included, isn’t it worth that buck to know there’s a store around the corner that has what you need in a pinch?

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  1. Thanks for this post, Jen. My husband and I know several owners of Mom and Pop shops that are struggling as well. We try to support the local shops, farms, and restaurants as often as possible. Convenience is one thing, but America has thrived for decades because of our free market economy- let's support it and reward it! I look forward to seeing your new book too.


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