Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Busy Mom's Confession

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Forgive me, Reader, for I'm chagrined; it's been nine days since my last blog session.

I confess that, in the course of (finally) diligently working toward the publication of Best Family Adventures: Santa Barbara County, I have cursed southern Santa Barbara County for all its parks and museums, all its details and trails. Will the research never end?

I confess that I have envied south county for its parks and waterfalls, its beautiful people and (relatively) liberal leanings, restaurants and unique shops, university and scenery.


And that leads me to the next confession.

Yep. I've been a glutton (taquerias and coffee, not to mention McConnell's ... mmmmm ... McConnell's), and allowed myself to be enticed into purchases I would not have made in my conservative, north county enclave.

I have lusted (well, you know what I mean) after the secluded, 6,000 acre ranch the Sedgewicks left to UCSB (which, thankfully, shares it with the public).

I confess my laundry isn't folded, and my bookshelves are dusty, my desk is piled with notes and scraps of this and that, the garden is half weeded.

I confess I am proud of my happy, growing daughters who are, in turn, proud of their recent achievements in music, equestrian arts and ballet.

For these and all those unrecorded activities of our recent days, I am truly sorry (just don't tempt me with McConnell's again).

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  1. I made some strawberry (freezer) jam recently also:) I may try using some of the blueberries we picked for jam too:)

    No harm in keeping busy doing good things and involving your girls...that's the name of the game!


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