Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What do you seek

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Hi, Nate! Welcome to my blog! You're my latest follower which brings me to ponder - what is it my followers (both those who subscribe via e-mail and those visible here in the "follow" window) are interested in reading about?

I do tend to rant and ramble now and again, and more than one editor has accused me of writing a bit...er...long. Generally, however, I've been hitting upon homeschooling info here. Oh, and trip reports.

So,Dear Readers, is the randomness of this blog what you're aiming for, or are there particular issues you'd like me to focus on (and others you'd rather I just keep to my private journal)?

Please leave a note here. Yeah...right down there at the bottom of the page where it says, "Free Thinkers." Or drop me an e-mail...and I'll post it here for ya'. ;)

Question mark photo courtesy Segozyme underCreative Commons license.

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  1. The variety and 'randomness' is probably what I like the most about your blog. I enjoy the various peeks into ALL sides of your world. Being so far away, I feel that this has allowed me to get closer to you and your family. The rants are nice,too. It it helps those of us out here to realize that even YOU have bad days and bad moods, and it's okay to be human. I say DON'T CHANGE A THING.

  2. I enjoy the photos on your blog and the video clips. Seeing the girls in action is fun. I like the rants but I'm glad its not all rants, I tend not to go back to blogs that rant about the same thing all the time. Keep up the good blog.:) I come from the family aspect and want to see your family grow and what kind of experiences you all are having. The road trip updates are the most exciting to me, makes me feel like I'm going with.

  3. In answer to your survey, I want to read one blog a week that is a major editorial effort on some special topic, two a week on the girls and their education, one a week on what you are doing, one a week a travel-LOG and if you still have the strength, one a week on humor. That should keep you busy. Keep writing cause I keep reading. Love, KMWhite

  4. I believe I would read anything you want to share...I am just generally nosey and love to live vicariously thru your stories...oh and the music is wonderful too.


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