Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Research will never be the same

Once again, I sing the praises of the Internet as a wealth of information and communications hub. Sure, there's always the library for general research, but the Internet offers such a vast array of information, including access to people with expertise in just about any area that, well, it's just tough to top.

In recent weeks, I've been on a steep learning curve regarding vehicle towing, weight ratios, and the hardware needed to upgrade our existing setup to accommodate the trailer loan offered us. I sought input from just about anyone I saw with a popup in their driveway. (Now there's a good way to meet residents of your extended neighborhood!) And then I found the Popup Explorer group online. These folks are SUPER helpful, and avid proponents of tent/pop-up trailer camping.

Essentially, everyone who answered my query about the proposed trailer for our trip agreed the trailer was MUCH to heavy for our van. What it boils down to is a weight issue. It turns out that the combined weight of the van and trailer alone (completely unladen) would leave only 500 pounds for ANY additional weight, including passengers, luggage, ice chest, camping gear, etc. If we reached that max, let alone exceed it, the van would not function well, and may have some particular issues with stopping.

So, as much as I was tending toward the relative comfort of the loaner trailer, I'm relaxing now in the security that a tent brings. I don't have to worry about flats or trailer hitches or brakes or gas leaks with a tent. There are no bearings to burn up, no batteries to charge. I'm fairly decent at getting camp set up and torn down quickly, and I learned on our last trip how to set up a tarp for camp shelter in any of a number of configurations. (Now I have poles, which should make that task MUCH easier this go 'round.)

So, we'll go with what we know...and I'm fine with that. Pretty much...but I found a very cute HunterII trailer...weighs half as much (and sleeps half as many).

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  1. Oh no! I'm one who always voted against the pop up. I was satisfied that the research went toward giving up the idea of borrowing a friend's pop up. Then I made the mistake of looking at the new adorable little trailer. I should have never clicked the button to see the photos...


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