Monday, September 6, 2010

Win or lose, I thank you all

I'm trying really hard not to get too excited. I mean, we spent a lot of time this summer pushing this website and trying to get votes in. If you're a follower of the blog, you probably got tired of hearing about the contest, and if you're a Facebook friend, well, you CERTAINLY got tired of hearing about it.

But today marked the end of this summer-long project that will net the winner a check for just over $100,000. I figured it was worth the effort. What other job have I ever done that earned me any such money? Um....none.

Sure, I could've spent those hours working on the next Great American Novel. But the stories I've written (children's fiction) and sent to countless publishing houses still sit, rejected, on the pile here. So, what the heck... I took the fresh angle.

Today I visited the contest site and this image popped up. I thought perhaps the photos would simply shuffle with each reload as they have been doing on the "most popular" page for about a month now. But no matter how many times I hit reload, I get this image. Luck? Coincidence? Programming? Maybe their computer recognizes the visiting computer and just puts THAT computer's image up. Maybe Chip V.'s photo shows up on the top of his pile. Mine shows up on the top of mine.

Whether or not we win, I owe a huge thanks to all of you who voted for us this summer, who stuck with it for weeks on end, and who put up with my constant reminders. Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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  1. It shows up that way on my computer too. Good luck!

  2. That's SO funny... I thought the same thing when the page first loaded at my house, too! I found about 6 different ways to get to that site, just to be sure that it wouldn't change. And, lo and behold, it's YOUR beautiful mug EVERY time! Woo Hoo!!! Now we just wait and see.


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