Friday, July 2, 2010

We won a video camera! (Can we win the top prize?)

Wow...well...THAT was unexpected. While the focus of the contest about which I've been ranting (here and here) is, for us, the grand prize, last week we won a video camera! Technically, we won it June 13, the day our photo received the most votes of any of the entries. (The promotion gives away one video camera each day to the entry with the highest vote count for the day, and one to a VOTER in a random drawing.)

I was very leery when I got the e-mail saying I'd won. But when we returned from our camping trip last week, the video camera was on the doorstep! It was SUPER easy to setup. (We put batteries in it and, VOILA!) We decided to take it on a test drive at the first possible event.

So, here's our first video: E at the local Civil War Ball. (If I entered all the info correctly, you SHOULD see the video when you click on the link. Please let me know how it works for you.)

And if you'd like to help us earn a down payment for a more spacious living arrangement, I'd love to have your vote! Just click here and follow the instructions. You can vote every day, and each vote for me is also an entry for YOU into a daily drawing for a video camera of your very own!

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