Thursday, July 22, 2010

Now THAT's What We Like to See

What great, positive, supportive responses I received (via e-mail and comments on this page) to my last post. THANK you for your support, and your willingness to HELP us try to make this happen!

I've been "working hard" spreading the word and getting my votes in and doing whatever we can do to hit the top spot. (It's not as if I'm digging tunnels, or building roads, or working salt mines. It's just time intensive.) We'd been stuck in third there for awhile, then rose to second early this week, finally knocking out the entrant who'd held the top spot for weeks. We held second for a couple of days while I was voting from Marin County where the girls and I spent an extended weekend relaxing with family.

So imagine my surprise when I returned to my home computer, opened the standings page and found us at the BOTTOM of the page! I couldn't believe my eyes! ALL that time spent. ALL those friends roped in, and THEIR time spent. For what?! So I reloaded the page. Lo and behold, the reload brought us back in the running. Another reload moved us into the top row again. Yet another reload took us down a few pegs.

Apparently, the contest organizers have opted to change the display of that "popular" page to shuffle with each click. Bummer for us because we knew where we stood before, but probably best for the contest. This way, everyone on the front page, at least, feels like they're in the running and continues to spread the word. I know we're still in the top two. I also know we'll need all the help we can get to rise to the top spot by Sept. 6. Hang in there with me! I know my crew has more staying power than theirs. I just KNOW it!

While we now know they're shuffling, after casting my votes tonight and spreading the word through another channel, it was gratifying to see the standings page pop up like this. Sure, it's random. But it looks great just the way it is.

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